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Silk Screen T Shirts – What are they?

If you need a custom shirt order filled, but aren’t sure what direction to take, silk screen printing provides the ideal solution. This process is the superior choice for a number of reasons. When tee shirt printing is handled through silk screening, you can be certain that the quality you demand will be there along with durability and boldness of colors.

At Xtreme Graphics, we specialize in t shirt printing using screen printing techniques for good reasons. If you’re new to ordering custom t shirts, however, chances are you might not be familiar with the process. When you understand how silk screened t shirt printing is handled, you’ll see why this is the best choice for your money.

So, just what is silk screening and why should you insist on this process for your shirt printing?

Customized t shirts made through silk screening undergo an extensive process to ensure quality of the end design. This process involves creating a “screen” though the use of a woven mesh, sometimes made from silk, to support a specialized ink-blocking stencil. The stencil itself is used to form open areas in the mesh that then transfer ink onto the custom shirts. A roller is also used to ensure a high quality transfer of the design so custom printed shirts come out looking spectacular.

Creating screen printing t shirts involves more time and craftsmanship than other options, but it proves to be the superior method when quality matters for these reasons:

  • Uniformity of the design – A custom t shirt made using the screen printing process will look like every other t shirt in the run because the stencil will remain the same. The real work in shirt printing involving this method is the creation of the “screen” — the mesh and stencil design. Once this job is done right, however, every shirt created using the stencils will look the same.
  • The boldness of the colors – Inks used in screen printing to create custom shirts are high quality washables. This means they are meant to look bold and bright and stand up to washing and wear and tear.
  • The durability of the artwork – Other methods like iron-on designs simply do not offer the durability that screen printing does. When custom printed shirts are created using screen printing, the inks will be in the fabric–not on it! This means you won’t have to worry about your logos peeling up or looking wrinkled and cracked after a single use.
  • The value – Although custom screen printing might cost a little more than other, lesser methods, it offers a greater value. When custom printed shirts are made using this process, they will offer high-quality graphics that will hold up over time. Xtreme Graphics takes steps to ensure that the value of our products is very high. Not only do we use this time-honored method of printing, but we use our expertise and efficiency to keep our prices competitive. You benefit from free estimates, no setup or artwork fees and even free shipping when you order your custom shirts from us.

Screen printing might not be your only option for custom t shirts, but it’s the best one. When value, quality and appearances matter, there simply is no better choice.

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