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5 Most Important Tee Shirt Printing Musts

If you’re ready to order custom printed shirts, you no doubt want to make certain the end design looks fantastic. You’ve come to the right place! Xtreme Graphics specializes in taking our clients’ ideas for custom shirt designs and turning them into wearable masterpieces.

To make certain you get the desired outcome with tee shirt printing, keep these five musts in mind when placing an order:

  1. Have a great design in mind – Your t shirt printing result will hinge almost completely on the design you use. At Xtreme Graphics, we offer three ways to bring your design idea to life. First, you can simply send us your ready-made logo or artwork. Just upload a copy of the artwork along with your order. You can also create your own design for custom t shirts using our online program. This simple-to-use program will help you turn your idea into a usable piece of art. If you have an idea, but don’t want to create it yourself, our artists are here to help.
  2. Pick the right shirt style – To get the most out of your custom screen printing, you’ll want to pick the right kind of apparel. Xtreme Graphics offers lots of choices in tee shirts, fleece designs and corporate casual wear. To make the best selection for your needs, consider how, when, and where your custom shirts will be worn. Basic tees are excellent for everyday wear, but corporate casual might make a better choice for an office setting.
  3. Color matters – In order for your shirt printing to turn out spectacularly, you’ll want to take extra care in the color selection. Keep the colors of your design in mind as you select the shirt color. The best results with screen printing t shirts involve colors that complement each other or enable the design to truly pop out. Black, white, or gray shirts are always popular options, but you have many colorful choices. Just keep your design colors in mind and have fun selecting the right background to make it stand out.
  4. Insist on quality – Customized t shirts should stand up to some wear and tear. This means quality is a must in the materials. At Xtreme Graphics we take this part of the process very seriously. To ensure the highest quality, we offer products made by such brand name manufacturers as Anvil, Gildan, and Hanes. Screen printing t shirts are only as good as the materials they are printed on. That’s why we insist on quality and recommend that you do the same.
  5. Stay in budget – Even when quality is the top priority, budgeting matters. To help our clients ensure they don’t spend a dime more than they have to, we offer free estimates, no artwork or setup charges and even free shipping. When you place a custom t shirt order with Xtreme Graphics, you can be confident that you’ll get highly competitive pricing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re ordering custom printed shirts for your business or personal use, quality is a must. When you order your screen printing from Xtreme Graphics, you can be certain you’ll receive topnotch service and professional results.

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